The Girl & the Gargoyle

The Girl and the Raven Series, Book 2

When a meet-the-parents moment becomes an assassination attempt, can one magical teen save everyone she loves?

Lucy Walker is overwhelmed. Discovering her demon dad is on the opposite side of a supernatural war with her gargoyle boyfriend’s family was hard enough. But when a dinner date with her beau’s parents results in his father announcing his mission to make her an orphan, Lucy’s blood threatens to boil.

Determined to recruit all the support she can find to help save her father, Lucy is baffled by how easily her white-witch mentors agree to assist…until they reveal her own life is also at risk. And with her demon blood causing dangerous jealousies over sessions with her combat training partner, she fears she may lose everything.

Can Lucy bridge the divide between two warring factions before their feud sends her to her doom?

The Girl and the Gargoyle is the suspenseful second book in The Girl and the Raven YA paranormal romance series. If you like fireball-hurling heroines, forbidden attractions, and terrifying twists, then you’ll love Pauline Gruber’s dark tale.

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